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But Mallison was a careful and expert driver and there was no real trouble, though when they at last emerged on a level stretch steam was again coming from the radiator.鈥淭he landslide shifted a lot of other things besides this chest,鈥 was Tinny鈥檚 opinion. 鈥淚t鈥檚 probably been buried deep for many years. That鈥檚 why it was never found. One landslide may have covered it from sight. This one brought it into view again. That鈥檚 the secret, I guess. But I鈥檓 not yet willing to admit that this is a treasure chest, boys. I think it came off some stage coach but鈥斺斺濃淭hat鈥檚 what I say!鈥 exclaimed Ned. 鈥淚t looks good to me!鈥

Darkness, more black because of the momentary bright glare, settled down over everything outside the cave. And the rain, that had ceased for a little while just before that loud crash, again pattered down.拼搏的意思 Stripping off most of their wet garments, the refugees gathered about the genial blaze Bob started, and while their clothes were hanging about on pinnacles of rock to dry, a meal was gotten ready.国际娱乐注册送体验金The message was sent, and then Bob headed the car for the open country. They were bowling along, the fat lad having given several demonstrations of how to apply the new brakes, when he[10] took one hand from the steering wheel and began fishing in his pocket.国际娱乐注册送体验金鈥淲hat鈥檚 all the row?鈥 asked the conductor, while some other passengers, heads sticking out of their berths, looked on interestedly.国际娱乐注册送体验金

国际娱乐注册送体验金鈥淥h, cut it out!鈥 laughed Ned. 鈥淵ou鈥檒l have us doing it next.鈥澒视槔肿⒉崴吞逖榻疴淥ne of my most valuable specimens鈥攁 black pinching beetle which I have been keeping alive in order to study its wing action鈥攈as just got away from me!鈥 explained the former instructor at Boxwood Hall. 鈥淚 saw it crawling up into this berth, and I want to get it back. It is a very large beetle, with enormous pinching jaws and鈥斺斺濃淥h, boy!鈥 breathed Bob, but it sufficiently expressed the sentiments of the others.国际娱乐注册送体验金

鈥淲ell, that little excitement will digest our meal,鈥 remarked Ned, when they had returned after going a little way up the mountain in a fruitless attempt to catch another sight of bruin.鈥淢ight as well,鈥 agreed Jerry, with no thought now of making fun of Chunky.国际娱乐注册送体验金Mile after mile was reeled off by the clicking wheels and, in due season, allowing for a half day鈥檚 delay caused by a freight wreck, the travelers reached Livingston, Montana. This is a small station and is where tourists change to take a train that carries them to Yellowstone Park, that land of wonders.国际娱乐注册送体验金

鈥淥h, cut it out!鈥 snapped Bob, with a trace of annoyance on his face. 鈥淚 was up early and I didn鈥檛 have much breakfast. It鈥檚 nearly noon now, and if you want me to give any serious consideration to this gold mine proposition I鈥檝e got to eat鈥攖hat鈥檚 all!鈥澒视槔肿⒉崴吞逖榻疴淏e careful,鈥 warned Tinny, as the boys walked down the gashed trail, away from the cave.国际娱乐注册送体验金鈥淜atie, you shouldn鈥檛 have made such a fuss over a little ant,鈥 chided Mrs. Hopkins.

鈥淭hat little professor came prancing up as though he were a six-footer trying to help me once; but the gang easily got rid of him鈥攖ook him back into the forest, I guess.鈥inessence Before any one else had a chance to express an opinion Bob raised his hand for silence and murmured:国际娱乐注册送体验金[43]国际娱乐注册送体验金鈥淚f we had the two of them along,鈥 whispered Jerry to the mine-owner, 鈥渓ife wouldn鈥檛 be worth living. But with just Professor Snodgrass it鈥檚 great.鈥

国际娱乐注册送体验金鈥淭hat one of your men?鈥 asked Jerry.鈥淵ou low-down, onery, white-livered specimen of a鈥斺 began Bob, but Ned ducked out of the way in time.While Jerry and his chums, Tinny and Cromley worked with their laborers at the mine Professor Snodgrass wandered about the Thunder Mountain country getting specimens.

鈥淐orporal鈥 Jerry Hopkins was giving orders as he had done on the battlefields of France, and his chums 鈥渟napped into鈥 obedience as they had done in those terrible days.国际娱乐注册送体验金鈥淵es, we saw you,鈥 replied Jerry, as he helped the professor to a flat, raised rock on which he could take a seat. Jerry鈥檚 feet were making queer squidgy sounds caused by the water in his shoes. He was wet to his arm pits, but the professor had gone in over his head.国际娱乐注册送体验金鈥淚s yours like that?鈥 asked Ned.国际娱乐注册送体验金


Now began the search in real earnest, for at last they were on the trail of the kidnapers. Word was sent back to the posse of miners from Leftover to abandon the trail they were on, since it was a false one.鈥淚 could only guess at their object in capturing Cromley and in binding me,鈥 went on Professor Snodgrass, 鈥渇or I had no chance to ask[164] them questions. They treated me roughly, but I could have forgiven that if they had not injured my specimens.


鈥淒on鈥檛 let him put gasoline on the fire鈥攖hat鈥檚 all I ask of you,鈥 cautioned Tinny, and Professor Snodgrass said he would watch out for this.Noddy did just that. He went back to see Bill Cromley the next day with Jack Pender, taking along a sum of money with which to bribe the old miner. And when the latter, with blazing eyes as he remembered Noddy鈥檚 war record, refused to have anything to do with the bully, Noddy burst out with invectives.


鈥淣o. But they said one of the axles had het up on account of not being greased and the wheel was bound on it. They couldn鈥檛 budge it without a blacksmith to take it off鈥攕ort of fused on, I reckon. There was only two of them, though.鈥濃淎ren鈥檛 you going to have a try for the treasure chest at Blue Rock?鈥 asked Ned.


鈥淲hat鈥檚 that?鈥 cried Jerry.鈥淵ou must remember,鈥 said Tinny, 鈥渢hat the accident happened a number of years ago. Since then there have been changes made in the trail鈥攃hanges by man and changes by nature, such as happened last night. As I remember it, the old stage coach trail ran along up there, Bill,鈥 and he pointed to an upper shelf of rock which wound around a spur of the mountain.


鈥淚 should say not!鈥 declared Jerry. 鈥淎nything but that!鈥 and his face showed his disgust.鈥淗old the horses, Bob, while we go forward and look,鈥 suggested Tinny, handing the reins of his animal to the stout lad, while Jerry did the same with Cromley.