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He took nobody by surprise; there was nobody to take. All was quiet; Denis wandered from room to empty room, looking with pleasure at the familiar pictures and furniture, at all the little untidy signs of life that lay scattered here and there. He was rather glad that they were all out; it was amusing to wander through the house as though one were exploring a dead, deserted Pompeii. What sort of life would the excavator reconstruct from these remains; how would he people these empty chambers? There was the long gallery, with its rows of respectable and (though, of course, one couldn鈥檛 publicly admit it) rather boring Italian primitives, its Chinese sculptures, its unobtrusive, dateless furniture. There was the panelled drawing-room, where the huge chintz-covered arm-chairs stood, oases of comfort among the austere flesh-mortifying antiques. There was the morning-room, with its pale lemon walls, its painted Venetian chairs and rococo tables, its mirrors, its modern pictures. There was the library, cool, spacious, and dark, book-lined from floor to ceiling, rich in portentous folios. There was the dining-room, solidly, portwinily English, with its great mahogany table, its eighteenth-century chairs and sideboard, its eighteenth-century pictures鈥攆amily portraits, meticulous animal paintings. What could one reconstruct from such data? There was much of Henry Wimbush in the long gallery and the library, something of Anne, perhaps, in the morning-room. That was all. Among the accumulations of ten generations the living had left but few traces.or better鈥擨 do not know what I desire,

鈥淵es, but now it鈥檚 been proved,鈥 said Mary. 鈥淥ne must do things logically. The question is now...鈥百事网 Mary was full of sympathy. Inwardly, too, she was relieved to find Anne鈥檚 non-appearance so simply accounted for. She had been vaguely suspicious, down there in the garden鈥攕uspicious of what, she hardly knew; but there had seemed to be something a little louche in the way she had suddenly found herself alone with Ivor. Not that she minded, of course; far from it. But she didn鈥檛 like the idea that perhaps she was the victim of a put-up job.亚博体育是什么He folded the sheet carefully and put it in his pocket. The thing had its merits. Oh, decidedly, decidedly! But how unpleasant the crowd smelt! He lit a cigarette. The smell of cows was preferable. He passed through the gate in the park wall into the garden. The swimming-pool was a centre of noise and activity.亚博体育是什么亚博体育是什么

亚博体育是什么鈥淭heir conversation at this first meeting proved, however, to be so forbidding that, but for the invincible attraction exercised by their beauty, George would never have had the courage to follow up the acquaintance. The twins, looking up their noses at him with an air of languid superiority, asked him what he thought of the latest French poetry and whether he liked the 鈥業ndiana鈥 of George Sand. But what was almost worse was the question with which Georgiana opened her conversation with him. 鈥業n music,鈥 she asked, leaning forward and fixing him with her large dark eyes, 鈥榓re you a classicist or a transcendentalist?鈥 George did not lose his presence of mind. He had enough appreciation of music to know that he hated anything classical, and so, with a promptitude which did him credit, he replied, 鈥業 am a transcendentalist.鈥 Georgiana smiled bewitchingly. 鈥業 am glad,鈥 she said; 鈥榮o am I. You went to hear Paganini last week, of course. 鈥淭he prayer of Moses鈥濃攁h!鈥 She closed her eyes. 鈥楧o you know anything more transcendental than that?鈥 鈥楴o,鈥 said George, 鈥業 don鈥檛.鈥 He hesitated, was about to go on speaking, and then decided that after all it would be wiser not to say鈥攚hat was in fact true鈥攖hat he had enjoyed above all Paganini鈥檚 Farmyard Imitations. The man had made his fiddle bray like an ass, cluck like a hen, grunt, squeal, bark, neigh, quack, bellow, and growl; that last item, in George鈥檚 estimation, had almost compensated for the tediousness of the rest of the concert. He smiled with pleasure at the thought of it. Yes, decidedly, he was no classicist in music; he was a thoroughgoing transcendentalist.亚博体育是什么鈥淎re you ill?鈥滿an last appears. In him the Soul鈥檚 pure flame亚博体育是什么

鈥淵ou鈥檒l have to be dressed up. Do you still persist?鈥漈he happy possessor of a multitude of first editions, Mr. Wimbush could afford to smile indulgently.亚博体育是什么Ivor brought his hands down with a bang on to the final chord of his rhapsody. There was just a hint in that triumphant harmony that the seventh had been struck along with the octave by the thumb of the left hand; but the general effect of splendid noise emerged clearly enough. Small details matter little so long as the general effect is good. And, besides, that hint of the seventh was decidedly modern. He turned round in his seat and tossed the hair back out of his eyes.亚博体育是什么

Mr. Scogan, meanwhile, was looking at the portrait.亚博体育是什么Next to Mary a small gaunt man was sitting, rigid and erect in his chair. In appearance Mr. Scogan was like one of those extinct bird-lizards of the Tertiary. His nose was beaked, his dark eye had the shining quickness of a robin鈥檚. But there was nothing soft or gracious or feathery about him. The skin of his wrinkled brown face had a dry and scaly look; his hands were the hands of a crocodile. His movements were marked by the lizard鈥檚 disconcertingly abrupt clockwork speed; his speech was thin, fluty, and dry. Henry Wimbush鈥檚 school-fellow and exact contemporary, Mr. Scogan looked far older and, at the same time, far more youthfully alive than did that gentle aristocrat with the face like a grey bowler.亚博体育是什么鈥淭hen there are military uniforms,鈥 Mr. Scogan went on. 鈥淲hen scarlet and pipe-clay were abandoned for khaki, there were some who trembled for the future of war. But then, finding how elegant the new tunic was, how closely it clipped the waist, how voluptuously, with the lateral bustles of the pockets, it exaggerated the hips; when they realized the brilliant potentialities of breeches and top-boots, they were reassured. Abolish these military elegances, standardise a uniform of sack-cloth and mackintosh, you will very soon find that...鈥

Et ne le saurai jamais etre.鈥美特斯?邦威 He had to yield at last to her entreaties. 鈥淎ll right,鈥 he said, 鈥淚鈥檒l go down through the house and up at the other end.鈥澭遣┨逵鞘裁碝ankind perfected shall possess the earth.亚博体育是什么鈥淩eally?鈥

亚博体育是什么鈥淕eorge closed the door and went back to his seat. But his curiosity was not satisfied. Indeed, this partial satisfaction had but whetted its appetite. Where did the staircase lead? What was the errand of the little maid? It was no business of his, he kept repeating鈥攏o business of his. He tried to read, but his attention wandered. A quarter-past twelve sounded on the harmonious clock. Suddenly determined, George rose, crossed the room, opened the hidden door, and began to ascend the stairs. He passed the first window, corkscrewed round, and came to another. He paused for a moment to look out; his heart beat uncomfortably, as though he were affronting some unknown danger. What he was doing, he told himself, was extremely ungentlemanly, horribly underbred. He tiptoed onward and upward. One turn more, then half a turn, and a door confronted him. He halted before it, listened; he could hear no sound. Putting his eye to the keyhole, he saw nothing but a stretch of white sunlit wall. Emboldened, he turned the handle and stepped across the threshold. There he halted, petrified by what he saw, mutely gaping.But blacker the thief who steals this book!鈥漈ill God, impatient of their sinful brood,

亚博体育是什么鈥淥ne summer holidays about three years later Ferdinando returned to Crome accompanied by a very large mastiff dog. He had bought it from an old man at Windsor who had found the beast too expensive to feed. It was a savage, unreliable animal; hardly had it entered the house when it attacked one of Sir Hercules鈥檚 favourite pugs, seizing the creature in its jaws and shaking it till it was nearly dead. Extremely put out by this occurrence, Sir Hercules ordered that the beast should be chained up in the stable-yard. Ferdinando sullenly answered that the dog was his, and he would keep it where he pleased. His father, growing angry, bade him take the animal out of the house at once, on pain of his utmost displeasure. Ferdinando refused to move. His mother at this moment coming into the room, the dog flew at her, knocked her down, and in a twinkling had very severely mauled her arm and shoulder; in another instant it must infallibly have had her by the throat, had not Sir Hercules drawn his sword and stabbed the animal to the heart. Turning on his son, he ordered him to leave the room immediately, as being unfit to remain in the same place with the mother whom he had nearly murdered. So awe-inspiring was the spectacle of Sir Hercules standing with one foot on the carcase of the gigantic dog, his sword drawn and still bloody, so commanding were his voice, his gestures, and the expression of his face that Ferdinando slunk out of the room in terror and behaved himself for all the rest of the vacation in an entirely exemplary fashion. His mother soon recovered from the bites of the mastiff, but the effect on her mind of this adventure was ineradicable; from that time forth she lived always among imaginary terrors.亚博体育是什么亚博体育是什么


鈥淧erhaps,鈥 answered Mr. Scogan, 鈥減erhaps I鈥檓 an obscene old man. For I must confess that I cannot always regard it as wholly serious.鈥濃淰ery good indeed,鈥 said Lord Moleyn. His voice seemed to come from just behind his teeth, a toothy voice. It was as though a dog should suddenly begin to speak. He smiled again, Mr. Callamay readjusted his spectacles.


The terrace in front of the house was a long narrow strip of turf, bounded along its outer edge by a graceful stone balustrade. Two little summer-houses of brick stood at either end. Below the house the ground sloped very steeply away, and the terrace was a remarkably high one; from the balusters to the sloping lawn beneath was a drop of thirty feet. Seen from below, the high unbroken terrace wall, built like the house itself of brick, had the almost menacing aspect of a fortification鈥攁 castle bastion, from whose parapet one looked out across airy depths to distances level with the eye. Below, in the foreground, hedged in by solid masses of sculptured yew trees, lay the stone-brimmed swimming-pool. Beyond it stretched the park, with its massive elms, its green expanses of grass, and, at the bottom of the valley, the gleam of the narrow river. On the farther side of the stream the land rose again in a long slope, chequered with cultivation. Looking up the valley, to the right, one saw a line of blue, far-off hills.鈥淥h, tremendously! And the bit about the Lotus Pool鈥擨 thought that so beautiful.鈥


鈥淐arefully and dispassionately,鈥 said Anne.鈥淏ut not about repressions.鈥


A form as gross, a Mind as dead and cold,鈥淎ss!鈥 she retorted in a tone of tearful irritation; 鈥渙f course it was.鈥


A red gay flower and only fair.Gombauld ceased talking, and Mary, flushed and outraged, opened her mouth to refute him. But she was too slow. Before she could utter a word Mr. Scogan鈥檚 fluty voice had pronounced the opening phrases of a discourse. There was no hope of getting so much as a word in edgeways; Mary had perforce to resign herself.