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鈥淵es, and it鈥檚 so bad for the Giant, too,鈥 said Peggy thoughtfully. 鈥淚 mean, him not being used oftener. You see what mistakes he made sometimes, darling old thing! I do think the book is a splendid plan, Mummie,鈥 and she began to dance round and round the room.鈥淭hat鈥檚 the Ogres,鈥 said Nurse, looking very grave鈥攁nd the sound got a tiny bit louder.Peggy felt there was not a second to lose.

鈥淎 bit of tin and glass,鈥 said Nurse examining it and dropping it on the table. 鈥淲hat they want to put such rubbish in for passes my understanding! You can鈥檛 play with it, and it鈥檒l only get left about. Now come and look at the paper blazing,鈥 and she swept all the ends of the crackers into the fire.果易嗖 鈥淕ood gracious, no!鈥 said she. 鈥淒on鈥檛 let the Giant hear you say that! They鈥檙e a set of vagabonds and ruffians who haunt the edge of Fairy-land. The kind with one eye in their foreheads, and the sort who say 鈥楩e-Fo-Fum.鈥 You must have read about them? They can鈥檛 harm us Fairies, but any Giant, especially a really nice good one like yours, makes them simply mad!鈥澛砝次餮峭绮┎殊淥h, what are we doing? Where鈥檚 the party gone?鈥 cried Peggy in great distress.马来西亚网络博彩鈥淲hy, where are we going?鈥 asked Peggy, jumping up and holding on to his thumb.马来西亚网络博彩

马来西亚网络博彩CHAPTER XI THE LAST ADVENTURE马来西亚网络博彩And at that moment a perfect shout of delight rose up[60] in the road behind them, and Peggy, turning hastily round, saw a troup of Toys rushing towards them![22]鈥淣ow what daisies, Miss Peggy?鈥 asked Nurse. 鈥淚 can鈥檛 have you talking nonsense instead of attending to what I say. Pick that book up immediately. And you鈥檝e got that Ring on your thumb again, I do declare! Mother wouldn鈥檛 like it at all, nasty common thing.鈥澛砝次餮峭绮┎

鈥淭here鈥檚 some magic going on!鈥 said the Dragon at last, angrily, raising himself up on to the very tip of his tail and glaring over the tree-tops. 鈥淗a, ha!鈥 he added, 鈥渉ere come the others at last,鈥 and he stretched out two welcoming paws to the two enormous Ogres who at that moment crashed into the wood.[46]鈥淚t鈥檚 no good, I鈥檝e tried to,鈥 said Peggy. 鈥淲e seem to have done everything exciting. We鈥檝e been up鈥斺斺澛砝次餮峭绮┎殊淎 motor, I expect,鈥 said Nurse, who was talking to the gardener鈥攁nd she ran to peep down the drive through the bushes. 鈥淐allers, I鈥檒l be bound. Yes, here it comes, a big red car. There鈥檚 a fat lady in behind, and a girl chauffeur driving it.鈥澛砝次餮峭绮┎

鈥淲ish what?鈥 asked Peggy, putting on her blue dressing-gown and slippers.马来西亚网络博彩鈥淥h, that鈥檚 all very well!鈥 said the Giant, but his voice sounded rather pleased. 鈥淲ell now, let me see. This takes some thinking. What was it that that child and I did in 1350 or thereabouts? Oh yes, I remember. She wished all her toys to come alive. How would you like that?鈥澛砝次餮峭绮┎蔖eggy looked up at him. His head was right up above the branches, but she could see his long brown beard among the twigs.

鈥淚t鈥檚 no good,鈥 he remarked, reappearing again with startling suddenness. 鈥淭here, I鈥檓 back again, you see, and I didn鈥檛 mean to be. Do use one of your wishes on it! Perhaps if I鈥檇 only disappeared once in the proper way, I should get into the hang of it all again. You鈥檇 better turn the Ring besides wishing, to make it more certain.鈥刘烨一家会友 Peggy climbed the hedge and tickled his face with a branch. Then she tried to shake his arm, but of course couldn鈥檛 move it at all. Then she begged the butterflies to help, and they all flew round him with a great swishing of wings, making as much noise as they possibly could; but still the Giant lay there snoring, for he was not used to being up a whole night long, and was very, very tired.马来西亚网络博彩鈥淲ell, it鈥檚 not my fault,鈥 said Peggy with some spirit. 鈥淵ou ought to know the Ring better than I do. I only did what you told me!鈥澛砝次餮峭绮┎殊淔ound at last!鈥 they screamed, dancing and leaping round Peggy. 鈥淣ow let鈥檚 play a game. You choose!鈥

马来西亚网络博彩Then both Ogres advanced upon Nurse, brandishing their clubs.[37]鈥淪teady, steady! Wishes don鈥檛 grow on blackberry bushes,鈥 cried the Giant warningly, but at once the car slowed down, and dropped into the high road, and Peggy found herself dressed exactly like the girl she had seen, and driving slowly along at the rate of about fifteen miles an hour. At first she tried to steer the car herself, but when she found that it guided itself when left alone, and that the horn sounded and the gear changed much better by themselves, she leant back and amused herself by staring at the people, and then at the shops, as they reached the principal streets of the town.鈥淭he thing that puzzles me,鈥 said Peggy, looking at her Ring as it gleamed and sparkled in that dark place, 鈥渋s how much the Ring does, and how much you do? And why sometimes it doesn鈥檛 work till it鈥檚 turned, and why you can鈥檛 always bring me back without my having to use up a wish, and where you live when you鈥檙e not here, and鈥斺斺

鈥淣onsense!鈥 shouted the Mayor, 鈥測ou can get off[40] perfectly well if you choose. The spire wasn鈥檛 built for the likes of you to go trapesing about on. Get off it!鈥澛砝次餮峭绮┎殊淟et me see,鈥 said Peggy. 鈥淵es鈥擨 think I wish to go as a Fairy, in pink. What would you like to be?鈥澛砝次餮峭绮┎殊淵ou must wish him to go slower,鈥 said the Giant to Peggy in a faint voice. 鈥淚 shall die if this goes on! It鈥檚 all your fault for saying 鈥榦r something exciting鈥 after your wish. I forgot to tell you how very risky that was. Ah, thank you! That鈥檚 better,鈥 for Peggy had wished, and the Giraffe at once quieted down into a walk鈥攊n fact into such a slow walk that it almost might have been called standing still.马来西亚网络博彩


鈥淵es, and it鈥檚 so bad for the Giant, too,鈥 said Peggy thoughtfully. 鈥淚 mean, him not being used oftener. You see what mistakes he made sometimes, darling old thing! I do think the book is a splendid plan, Mummie,鈥 and she began to dance round and round the room.[13]It was only when she had been doing this for quite a long time, and getting no answer at all, that she remembered that she had not wished or turned the Ring. She at once did both, and, 鈥淒on鈥檛 tread on me for goodness鈥 sake!鈥 said a squeaky voice near her foot.

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鈥淲here鈥檚 the Giant?鈥 he lisped in a high and very soft[32] voice. 鈥淚 know he鈥檚 somewhere here, and I鈥檒l flatten down every one of your sugar trees if you don鈥檛 tell me this minute!鈥漈here was no answer.


鈥淥h, look!鈥 said Peggy. 鈥淲hat a mess we鈥檝e made of the ceiling. The table鈥檚 all covered with bits of it! Oughtn鈥檛 we to clear it up?鈥濃淣ot quite so successful,鈥 he remarked, glancing down at himself. 鈥淗owever, I shall pass in a crowd, I daresay. And now we must start. The Pixies will go under the hills, which takes a quarter of the time, but I daren鈥檛 take you[50] that way for fear of spoiling our clothes. Come along鈥攆ly on to my shoulder. That鈥檚 right! Shut your eyes and it won鈥檛 seem so far.鈥 And off he walked at a great pace over the hills.


These were set out in a great black and yellow cavern which was entirely lighted by glow-worms, cleverly concealed in full-blown yellow roses hung from the roof. Peggy was put at the head of the table with the Giant by her side, and big sugar sweets of every shape and kind were piled upon their plates.鈥淪o had I,鈥 she said. 鈥淲e must have gone too fast for him!鈥 And she flew up on to the top of a tree and gazed away across the hills. 鈥淗e never will let us lend him wings,鈥 she went on, 鈥渟o he always gets left behind. He says his seven-leagued boots will last him out all right, and it鈥檚 no good arguing with him. Now, I expect he鈥檚 stuck somewhere, or has stumbled upon the Ogres and had a fight.鈥


鈥淵ou squashed them both with your foot,鈥 she said plaintively. 鈥淎nd I don鈥檛 understand anyfing! Why did you come at all? Though I like you very much,鈥 she continued quickly. And indeed she had, from the very first moment. For he had such a kind face鈥攖hough it was not what you would call a clever one exactly鈥攁nd he was so different from every one else, and looked as though he would play games nicely.鈥淗old me tight!鈥 said Noah very nervously, as they all three found themselves on the Giraffe鈥檚 back and going at a brisk trot down the back drive. 鈥淒o hold me tight! I haven鈥檛 ridden for years.鈥