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On perceiving me, she came forward with great quietude of manner; and when I held out my hand, her own moved slightly towards it, as if attracted by a feeble degree of magnetism.鈥淥h, a very old one will serve the purpose,鈥 she replied. 鈥淭here are no new truths, much as we have prided ourselves on finding some. A moral? Why, this: That, in the battlefield of life, the downright stroke, that would fall only on a man鈥檚 steel headpiece, is sure to light on a woman鈥檚 heart, over which she wears no breastplate, and whose wisdom it is, therefore, to keep out of the conflict. Or, this: That the whole universe, her own sex and yours, and Providence, or Destiny, to boot, make common cause against the woman who swerves one hair鈥檚-breadth out of the beaten track. Yes; and add (for I may as well own it, now) that, with that one hair鈥檚-breadth, she goes all astray, and never sees the world in its true aspect afterwards.鈥濃淭hat was a good while ago,鈥 said the old man.

鈥淚 am the first comer,鈥 Zenobia went on to say, while her smile beamed warmth upon us all; 鈥渟o I take the part of hostess for to-day, and welcome you as if to my own fireside. You shall be my guests, too, at supper. Tomorrow, if you please, we will be brethren and sisters, and begin our new life from daybreak.鈥亚冠决赛赛制 鈥淚 cannot conceive,鈥 observed Zenobia with great emphasis 鈥 and, no doubt, she spoke fairly the feeling of the moment 鈥斺淚 cannot conceive of being so continually as Mr. Coverdale is within the sphere of a strong and noble nature, without being strengthened and ennobled by its influence!鈥澬枪獯蟮篮彀谀牧烊♀淏e with me,鈥 said Hollingsworth, 鈥渙r be against me! There is no third choice for you.鈥澬枪獯蟮篮彀谀牧烊♀淯pon my word, I doubt it,鈥 said I. 鈥淚f we wish to keep him with us, we must systematically commit at least one crime apiece! Mere peccadillos will not satisfy him.鈥澬枪獯蟮篮彀谀牧烊

星光大道红包在哪领取鈥淪ince you see the young woman in so poetical a light,鈥 replied she in the same tone, 鈥測ou had better turn the affair into a ballad. It is a星光大道红包在哪领取Chapter 7 The Convalescent鈥淵es,鈥 said Zenobia, 鈥測ou would be only too wise, too honest. Honesty and wisdom are such a delightful pastime, at another person鈥檚 expense!鈥澬枪獯蟮篮彀谀牧烊

鈥淵es,鈥 she answered, 鈥渋f you will wait till it is finished.鈥滻 reflected that it would be quite a supererogatory piece of Quixotism in me to undertake the guardianship of Zenobia, who, for my pains, would only make me the butt of endless ridicule, should the fact ever come to her knowledge. I therefore described a spot which, as often as any other, was Zenobia鈥檚 resort at this period of the day; nor was it so remote from the farmhouse as to leave her in much peril, whatever might be the stranger鈥檚 character.星光大道红包在哪领取But, in due time, I remembered what he said.星光大道红包在哪领取

鈥淵ou have wounded the poor thing鈥檚 breast,鈥 said he to Hollingsworth, 鈥渃lose by her heart, too!鈥澬枪獯蟮篮彀谀牧烊♀淗ave you learned anything of his history?鈥 asked Hollingsworth.星光大道红包在哪领取She now produced, out of a work-bag that she had with her, some little wooden instruments (what they are called I never knew), and proceeded to knit, or net, an article which ultimately took the shape of a silk purse. As the work went on, I remembered to have seen just such purses before; indeed, I was the possessor of one. Their peculiar excellence, besides the great delicacy and beauty of the manufacture, lay in the almost impossibility that any uninitiated person should discover the aperture; although, to a practised touch, they would open as wide as charity or prodigality might wish. I wondered if it were not a symbol of Priscilla鈥檚 own mystery.

There can hardly remain for me (who am really getting to be a frosty bachelor, with another white hair, every week or so, in my mustache), there can hardly flicker up again so cheery a blaze upon the hearth, as that which I remember, the next day, at Blithedale. It was a wood fire, in the parlor of an old farmhouse, on an April afternoon, but with the fitful gusts of a wintry snowstorm roaring in the chimney. Vividly does that fireside re-create itself, as I rake away the ashes from the embers in my memory, and blow them up with a sigh, for lack of more inspiring breath. Vividly for an instant, but anon, with the dimmest gleam, and with just as little fervency for my heart as for my finger-ends! The staunch oaken logs were long ago burnt out. Their genial glow must be represented, if at all, by the merest phosphoric glimmer, like that which exudes, rather than shines, from damp fragments of decayed trees, deluding the benighted wanderer through a forest. Around such chill mockery of a fire some few of us might sit on the withered leaves, spreading out each a palm towards the imaginary warmth, and talk over our exploded scheme for beginning the life of Paradise anew.5088音乐网 I exaggerate my own defects. The reader must not take my own word for it, nor believe me altogether changed from the young man who once hoped strenuously, and struggled not so much amiss. Frostier heads than mine have gained honor in the world; frostier hearts have imbibed new warmth, and been newly happy. Life, however, it must be owned, has come to rather an idle pass with me. Would my friends like to know what brought it thither? There is one secret 鈥 I have concealed it all along, and never meant to let the least whisper of it escape 鈥 one foolish little secret, which possibly may have had something to do with these inactive years of meridian manhood, with my bachelorship, with the unsatisfied retrospect that I fling back on life, and my listless glance towards the future. Shall I reveal it? It is an absurd thing for a man in his afternoon 鈥 a man of the world, moreover, with these three white hairs in his brown mustache and that deepening track of a crow鈥檚-foot on each temple 鈥 an absurd thing ever to have happened, and quite the absurdest for an old bachelor, like me, to talk about. But it rises to my throat; so let it come.星光大道红包在哪领取鈥淲illingly,鈥 said I, wondering at the strange way in which her mind seemed to vibrate from the deepest earnest to mere levity. 鈥淲hat is the message?鈥澬枪獯蟮篮彀谀牧烊♀淚 don鈥檛 believe one word of what you say!鈥 she replied, laughing anew. 鈥淵ou made me sad, for a minute, by talking about the past; but the past never comes back again. Do we dream the same dream twice? There is nothing else that I am afraid of.鈥

星光大道红包在哪领取And Zenobia entered. The details of the interview that followed being unknown to me 鈥 while, notwithstanding, it would be a pity quite to lose the picturesqueness of the situation 鈥 I shall attempt to sketch it, mainly from fancy, although with some general grounds of surmise in regard to the old man鈥檚 feelings.Her glance, wandering wildly to and fro, passed over me several times, without appearing to inform her of my presence. But, finally, a look of recognition gleamed from her eyes into mine.As Priscilla moved slowly forward, I met her in the middle of the drawing-room.

The illustrious Society of Blithedale, though it toiled in downright earnest for the good of mankind, yet not unfrequently illuminated its laborious life with an afternoon or evening of pastime. Picnics under the trees were considerably in vogue; and, within doors, fragmentary bits of theatrical performance, such as single acts of tragedy or comedy, or dramatic proverbs and charades. Zenobia, besides, was fond of giving us readings from Shakespeare, and often with a depth of tragic power, or breadth of comic effect, that made one feel it an intolerable wrong to the world that she did not at once go upon the stage. Tableaux vivants were another of our occasional modes of amusement, in which scarlet shawls, old silken robes, ruffs, velvets, furs, and all kinds of miscellaneous trumpery converted our familiar companions into the people of a pictorial world. We had been thus engaged on the evening after the incident narrated in the last chapter. Several splendid works of art 鈥 either arranged after engravings from the old masters, or original illustrations of scenes in history or romance 鈥 had been presented, and we were earnestly entreating Zenobia for more.星光大道红包在哪领取鈥淐ome, Priscilla,鈥 said I, looking her intently in the face, which was very pale and sorrowful, 鈥渨e must make haste after our friends. Do you feel suddenly ill? A moment ago, you flitted along so lightly that I was comparing you to a bird. Now, on the contrary, it is as if you had a heavy heart, and a very little strength to bear it with. Pray take my arm!鈥澬枪獯蟮篮彀谀牧烊♀淥 Zenobia!鈥 exclaimed Priscilla, shrinking back, as if longing for the rock to topple over and hide her.星光大道红包在哪领取


She laughed, while speaking thus. But, in truth, as my eyes wandered from one of the group to another, I saw in Hollingsworth all that an artist could desire for the grim portrait of a Puritan magistrate holding inquest of life and death in a case of witchcraft; in Zenobia, the sorceress herself, not aged, wrinkled, and decrepit, but fair enough to tempt Satan with a force reciprocal to his own; and, in Priscilla, the pale victim, whose soul and body had been wasted by her spells. Had a pile of fagots been heaped against the rock, this hint of impending doom would have completed the suggestive picture.An intuition now appeared to possess all the party, that, for this time, at least, there was no more to be said. With one accord, we arose from the ground, and made our way through the tangled undergrowth towards one of those pleasant wood-paths that wound among the overarching trees. Some of the branches hung so low as partly to conceal the figures that went before from those who followed. Priscilla had leaped up more lightly than the rest of us, and ran along in advance, with as much airy activity of spirit as was typified in the motion of a bird, which chanced to be flitting from tree to tree, in the same direction as herself. Never did she seem so happy as that afternoon. She skipt, and could not help it, from very playfulness of heart.


Yet, after all, let us acknowledge it wiser, if not more sagacious, to follow out one鈥檚 daydream to its natural consummation, although, if the vision have been worth the having, it is certain never to be consummated otherwise than by a failure. And what of that? Its airiest fragments, impalpable as they may be, will possess a value that lurks not in the most ponderous realities of any practicable scheme. They are not the rubbish of the mind. Whatever else I may repent of, therefore, let it be reckoned neither among my sins nor follies that I once had faith and force enough to form generous hopes of the world鈥檚 destiny 鈥 yes!鈥 and to do what in me lay for their accomplishment; even to the extent of quitting a warm fireside, flinging away a freshly lighted cigar, and travelling far beyond the strike of city clocks, through a drifting snowstorm.Long since, in this part of our circumjacent wood, I had found out for myself a little hermitage. It was a kind of leafy cave, high upward into the air, among the midmost branches of a white-pine tree. A wild grapevine, of unusual size and luxuriance, had twined and twisted itself up into the tree, and, after wreathing the entanglement of its tendrils around almost every bough, had caught hold of three or four neighboring


鈥淯pon my word, I believe not!鈥 retorted he, looking at me with some curiosity; and, lifting his hat, he made me a salute which had enough of sarcasm to be offensive, and just enough of doubtful courtesy to render any resentment of it absurd. 鈥淏ut I ask your pardon! I recognize a little mistake. If I may take the liberty to suppose it, you, sir, are probably one of the aesthetic 鈥 or shall I rather say ecstatic?鈥 laborers, who have planted themselves hereabouts. This is your forest of Arden; and you are either the banished Duke in person, or one of the chief nobles in his train. The melancholy Jacques, perhaps? Be it so. In that case, you can probably do me a favor.鈥濃淎h!鈥 said he, with more emphasis than was usual with him. 鈥淚t is Mr. Coverdale!鈥


鈥淭ell her,鈥 said I, 鈥渢hat her fragile thread of life has inextricably knotted itself with other and tougher threads, and most likely it will be broken. Tell her that Zenobia will not be long her friend. Say that Hollingsworth鈥檚 heart is on fire with his own purpose, but icy for all human affection; and that, if she has given him her love, it is like casting a flower into a sepulchre. And say that if any mortal really cares for her, it is myself; and not even I for her realities 鈥 poor little seamstress, as Zenobia rightly called her!鈥 but for the fancy-work with which I have idly decked her out!鈥濃淲ell; but let the future go,鈥 resumed I. 鈥淎s for the present moment, if we could look into the hearts where we wish to be most valued, what should you expect to see? One鈥檚 own likeness, in the innermost, holiest niche? Ah! I don鈥檛 know! It may not be there at all. It may be a dusty image, thrust aside into a corner, and by and by to be flung out of doors, where any foot may trample upon it. If not to-day, then to-morrow! And so, Priscilla, I do not see much wisdom in being so very merry in this kind of a world.鈥


鈥淲hat ears the girl must have!鈥 whispered Zenobia, with a look of vexation, partly comic and partly real. 鈥淚 will confess to you that I cannot quite make her out. However, I am positively not an ill-natured person, unless when very grievously provoked 鈥 and as you, and especially Mr. Hollingsworth, take so much interest in this odd creature, and as she knocks with a very slight tap against my own heart likewise 鈥 why, I mean to let her in. From this moment I will be reasonably kind to her. There is no pleasure in tormenting a person of one鈥檚 own sex, even if she do favor one with a little more love than one can conveniently dispose of; and that, let me say, Mr. Coverdale, is the most troublesome offence you can offer to a woman.鈥滺ereupon I went to the door, unbolted, and flung it wide open. There, sure enough, stood Hollingsworth, his shaggy greatcoat all covered with snow, so that he looked quite as much like a polar bear as a modern philanthropist.