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迪皙模式 At 7 p.m. we moved forward again and at 11.30 p.m. reached and occupied shell holes just west of Monchy, very fortunately shown on the map as Orange Hill. On our arrival here orders were received from the 9th Brigade to co-operate with other units of the Brigade and attack at 4.55 a.m. A conference of Company Commanders was hastily called when the plan of attack[74] was discussed and instructions quickly detailed, and at 12.10 midnight, companies had moved off by platoons to take up assembly positions in the jumping-off trench held by the Royal Canadian Regiment. It was a pitch dark night with no opportunity for looking over the ground, and very little time to explain to the men the objective and plan of attack. It was here that the results of summer training and night manoeuvres justified the many hours spent, all companies being in position by 4 a.m., thus giving all hands a breathing spell and an opportunity to explain details of the attack.今日福彩3d太湖钓字谜解释 今天[8]今日福彩3d太湖钓字谜解释 今天Reorganization in our present precarious position was out of the question, and after hanging on for two hours we decided to withdraw behind the western slope of the hill, where we established ourselves in a line of rifle pits, and got in touch with our right and left flanks. By this time the men were thoroughly exhausted, and[86] news was gladly received that the 24th Battalion would relieve us that evening.今日福彩3d太湖钓字谜解释 今天

今日福彩3d太湖钓字谜解释 今天今日福彩3d太湖钓字谜解释 今天今日福彩3d太湖钓字谜解释 今天

During our rest in this village we were given the opportunity to cast our votes for or against Conscription in Canada. The polling was organized by Companies, each Company Orderly Room being temporarily converted into a polling booth. A muster parade was then called, and the whole affair completed in a few hours. It would be quite safe to estimate the result at 99.9%[55] in favor of conscription, and it seems a pity that all elections and things of the kind, including referendums, cannot be organized in a similar manner.今日福彩3d太湖钓字谜解释 今天今日福彩3d太湖钓字谜解释 今天

今日福彩3d太湖钓字谜解释 今天[91]今日福彩3d太湖钓字谜解释 今天

卡尼尔面膜 今日福彩3d太湖钓字谜解释 今天The next few days seemed an eternity, for it was greatly feared that, even though we had received official warning for France, the Battalion鈥檚 departure might be delayed on account of mumps; at least four huts just now being quarantined with that disease. Notwithstanding many pessimistic prophecies emanating from the M.O. (Capt. James Moore), the fateful day arrived, and the Battalion, less its horses and half the transport section, which had been sent on in advance under Lt. Proctor, entrained at Milford Station at the usual army hour for such operations (1.10 a.m.), one ten ack emma.今日福彩3d太湖钓字谜解释 今天

今日福彩3d太湖钓字谜解释 今天It was during this period that the Brigade Commander announced his intention of formally inspecting us, and at the completion of his inspection, having congratulated us on our good appearance and also our general behaviour since joining his Brigade, he pointed out that although we had shown extraordinary ability at baseball and other sports, having lately won the Brigade Championship, much to the discomfiture of the older Battalions, we had not so far proved our ability in the noblest sport of all, namely, that of 鈥渟trafing the Hun.鈥 Proceeding, he indicated that we would be given every opportunity to do this during the next tour of the Brigade in the line. This announcement was greeted by 鈥減rolonged cheering,鈥 for there was nothing to our minds so alluring as the anticipation of getting to grips with an enemy who had inflicted casualties amongst us, and upon whom we had had no opportunity for retaliation.Our total casualties for the last four days鈥 fighting around Cambrai were four hundred all ranks killed, wounded and missing.On the 8th February, 1917, the 116th Battalion, quartered at Witley Camp, England, was warned to proceed to France on Sunday, 11th February. Everything, in consequence, was hustle and bustle, and the Battalion Orderly Room, which at the best of times is no haven of rest, was inundated with requests for additional information and leave. There was very little information to be got, other than that we were really for duty in France, and absolutely no leave, and so we gradually subsided and commenced preparations for our departure.

今日福彩3d太湖钓字谜解释 今天Our transport section and Q.M. department had[48] never let us down so far, which speaks very highly for their personnel, and that they never came into direct contact with the enemy is not strictly accurate, since a few days after arriving at Fraser Camp our Quartermaster, who was riding towards La Targette Corners, was chased by an enemy plane. His own description of his feelings when he realized the relative speed of his horse on the gallop and the German plane, is beyond words, and after a minute or so of terrible suspense, during which the German plane was putting machine gun groups all round him, he decided that the duel was unfair and promptly rolled off his horse into the ditch. The German airman flew home in triumph.今日福彩3d太湖钓字谜解释 今天Whenever the battalion moved into the line the transport and Quartermaster鈥檚 stores remained behind together with what was known as Rear Battalion Headquarters, and they were jointly responsible for supplying to the battalion each day, food, clothes, ammunition, rum, etc., in fact all the necessaries of life, and all the necessaries of war so far as the infantry soldier is concerned, including mail and reinforcements.今日福彩3d太湖钓字谜解释 今天


Later we were moved back a few more miles to 鈥淵鈥 huts, already mentioned, and which was just across the road from the Casualty Clearing Station in which Colonel Pearkes was lying dangerously ill.


During these preparations our Commanding Officer, Col. S. Sharpe, was untiring in his energies towards overcoming the numerous difficulties that so frequently presented themselves, and he personally led a reconnoitring party into Avion in broad daylight, which enabled us to overlook the territory to be raided from the second story of a ruined house.


So great was the response to the call for this draft that finally 7 officers and 200 other ranks went to Valcartier to join the 2nd and 4th Battalions.


On the 5th of July the 9th Brigade was withdrawn to Divisional reserve at Chateau de la Haie鈥攎eaning that for a week at least we would have no working parties,[29] also that we would all get an opportunity of having a real live shower bath and a change of underclothes, which in most cases was an urgent necessity.

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The progress made in recruiting during the winter was such that by May, 1916, the Battalion was 1,145 strong, and on the 23rd of July, 1916, set sail from Halifax for England on the old reliable H.M.T. 鈥淥lympic.鈥滳HAPTER I. Somewhere in France.