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'I don't think a woman could have done what Eric has done,' Lucy said.'I should love to go! I shouldn't mind whether it were Newnham or Girton, whichever uncle thought best. If I could only have three years at a woman's college, I should be provided for for life. I should want nothing further. I should be able to make my own way. Oh, Mary, do you think he will let me go?''Yes, yes,' the Master repeated testily; 'my memory is not what it was. But it does not much matter which. She was a good woman; she did her duty here; she brought up a long family鈥攏ine children鈥攁nd she has gone to her reward. She did not know a word of Greek or Latin, and she only knew enough mathematics to reckon up the price of eggs; but if she had gone to Girton or Newnham she could not have done more. She did her duty here; after all, that is the great thing, my dear. There is nothing else that will bring comfort at the last.'

Lucy thought she had never seen anyone so[Pg 64] dignified in her life as Pamela on the night of the first debate of the term at Newnham.2016年6月里番 'Perhaps he has found his queen already. Most men have before they are twenty-three.'足球网平台'Are you quite sure that you will not fail from the same cause? are you sure that at the momentous time you will not do like your father鈥攖hat you will not fall in love?'足球网平台'Not if you work hard鈥攙ery hard?鈥攜ou have three weeks before you鈥攏ot if I help you?'足球网平台

足球网平台'I should prefer to take them all at once.'足球网平台'It was Midsummer Fair, my dear,' he explained, 'and your father left off work early; he was very fond of fairs, and junketings, and wrestling matches. He liked bull-baiting, too. I mind the bull-ring at the end of the village on a piece of waste ground; I dare say it is there now. I've seen many a bull baited there in my day. There was never a fair within ten miles but your father was there in his best, with a flower in his button-hole鈥攈e always wore a flower in the button-hole of his plum-coloured coat. I remember that coat well; it had gilt buttons, and he wore a waistcoat to match, with two rows of buttons on either side鈥攊t was the fashion then, my dear. He carried me on his shoulder all the way to the fair; it was[Pg 165] held on the green; there was a large green in the middle of the village in those days, but it is built over now; things have altered since then.''Oh, no, no! I am sure you will do all, more than all, that I do for him. I was not thinking about him. You are quite sure it is right to bring this girl back here? She is very young, not twenty, and鈥攁nd she may be鈥斺'足球网平台

Lucy felt dreadfully guilty kneeling there. She heard the door open, and people鈥攄istinctly people鈥攃ome in; and she had an awful overwhelming sense of guiltiness, as if she had been consenting to a murder. She was afraid to get up; she expected to see the Senior Tutor standing there[Pg 99] and her cousin Mary. She didn't at all know why she expected Mary.First Floor鈥擬r. Colville.足球网平台She had taken a little draught of the divine nectar, and she was thirsting to drink deeply, ever so deeply鈥攄eeper than any woman had ever drunk[Pg 45] yet. She was going to do very big things, and she couldn't afford to lose a minute. She would gain a whole term's work if she went up now, she would get in ten terms' work instead of nine, like the men, for her Tripos. She would get a whole term's start of them.足球网平台

'Not worse,' he said; 'at least, I hope not worse, but I fear not better. When I inquired at the lodge when the gates were opened at six o'clock, they told me the Master had had a very disturbed night, that he had not slept at all, but that he did not appear to be in any pain. Your cousin has been up with him all night, and Mrs. Rae.'足球网平台'How do you do?'足球网平台'No one is educated now鈥攏o woman鈥攚ho does not go to Newnham, or Girton, or Oxford. No one has any chance of success in teaching who has not taken a place in a Tripos or done something in a University examination.'

'It's broken out again,' he said quietly. 'I[Pg 97] think there must be a stitch. Can you help me?'最新黄片 Lucy was past expressing an opinion. The milking-stool had collapsed. The three idiotic legs had all gone different ways; it had fallen quite to pieces, like the Church was going to, and Lucy was seated on the floor.足球网平台'Most certainly you ought to go,' he said promptly. 'I will come over to the lodge every day. I will fill your place as far as I can. You are not afraid to leave the Master with me?'足球网平台'She has not much to say, uncle; she is writing in great distress. Her father has died, almost suddenly. He was preaching a week ago, and now he is dead. The poor child is writing in great trouble.'

足球网平台Lucy shook off the dust and gloom of the lecture-room and ran off to Addenbroke's. She really could run a good part of the way. She went across the Fens, as less frequented, and giving her space to breathe and think. It was such a blue day, and the fresh green of the year was over the low-lying fields, and the chestnut-tree by the bridge was budding, and the pollard willows that marked the winding course of the river were sallow-gray in the sunshine, and the daisies were in bloom. Lucy walked over quite a carpet of flowers; she crushed the little tender pink buds remorselessly under her feet in her hurry to get to Addenbroke's.Mrs. Rae shook her head; she was not quite convinced.'I don't want any of that stuff,' he said, and he pushed over his glass in the direction of the claret.

She knew her way quite well this time, and she was five minutes before the hour she had appointed. The Senior Tutor's door was closed, and the way was quite clear. There was not a soul on the staircase; there was not a soul in the passage. Lucy could not resist the desire to knock at that closed[Pg 124] door at the end of the passage, and find out for herself how the man was. She hadn't much faith in that thick-skinned little nurse; she would see for herself.足球网平台It was all very fine and high-sounding; but she would have given the world to have told somebody, to have eased her overburdened mind and[Pg 105] poured out the dreadful story on some soft feminine, sympathetic bosom.足球网平台She didn't give her name, but the woman knew her quite well鈥攅very bed-maker in St. Benedict's knew her. She wasn't the least surprised at the Master's niece taking an interest in one of her gentlemen鈥攖he nicest gentleman in the college. She had a tender spot in her withered bosom, under that rusty old shawl, and she was quite flustered at an affaire de c?ur on her staircase.足球网平台


Lucy didn't put the idea into words, but it touched her; and then, strangely enough, rose up before her the face of the man who had sat on the last seat in the chapel and had caught her looking at him. It was quite ridiculous to think of Wyatt Edgell at such a moment; there was nothing here to remind her of him.'When you weren't quite yourself, old man,' said Eric cheerfully, filling up the gap. 'What on earth should the Master's niece come in here for? Be reasonable, and don't ask such foolish things!'


Oh, it would never do for the future Mistress of St. Benedict's to be plucked![Pg 38]


She was only just in time for the college chapel. The bell was going as she crossed the court, and the men were hurrying in in their white surplices. They were all smiling and debonair. There wasn't a single cloud on the brow of one of them,[Pg 73] except the cloud of last night's tobacco. They were lusty and strong and fresh-coloured, and some of them had frames like giants; and they came across the court with a swinging stride, and health and life and vigour in every movement. Men take things so much more easily than women.It was not a Selwyn man. The crest on the pocket of the blazer he was wearing was the crest of St. Benedict's. It was nearly the eve of the Mathematical Tripos; there were only a few days more, and, having lost all the early part of the term, Wyatt Edgell was sitting down now at the last minute to recover by a tremendous effort the ground he had lost. He had always been sure of a first; he had never yet taken a second class in any examination at school or college, and his[Pg 208] name had generally stood first in the lists. The authorities of St. Benedict's had predicted that it would stand first now in the coming Tripos.


Among the girls who called upon Lucy when she was nearly asleep, and went away and voted her stupid, was Pamela Gwatkin, a girl who was much looked up to and worshipped at Newnham. It was no wonder Pamela thought her stupid. She was the leader of the most advanced set in the college, and held opinions that would make one's hair stand on end.The occupant of the room must have understood Latin and Greek, for there were texts in both these languages. There was one text only in our common tongue, and that was over the mantelpiece. It was not an illuminated text, and it had no lovely floral border. It was written in plain, bold characters in black and white: 'Inasmuch as[Pg 118] ye do it unto the least of these My brethren, ye do it unto Me.'


She had taken a little draught of the divine nectar, and she was thirsting to drink deeply, ever so deeply鈥攄eeper than any woman had ever drunk[Pg 45] yet. She was going to do very big things, and she couldn't afford to lose a minute. She would gain a whole term's work if she went up now, she would get in ten terms' work instead of nine, like the men, for her Tripos. She would get a whole term's start of them.'We shall see. You will have to begin with the "Previous" in any case. You need not take it all at once: there are three parts; you can take them at different times.'