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鈥淭hat was a capitally managed business, Paolo. Now we have to find our way across country. We cannot keep by the river, for it turns away to the south, and would take us far from the point we want to reach. At any rate, for a day or two we must travel at night, after that I think we can venture boldly along鈥攆or it is not likely that the news that a prisoner has escaped will travel very far鈥攁lthough no doubt a strict search will be kept up for a day or two. I think that for today we had better make our way north, keeping in the woods as much as possible; they are less likely to search for us in that direction than to the west.鈥滱ccordingly, after breakfast Hector related at much greater length the story that he had told the governor of the manner in which the mission had been carried out.鈥淭here is room for us both between the shafts,鈥 Paolo said, 鈥渙ne behind the other. It would be much easier to walk holding both poles than for us both to take one, as in that way the weight will be balanced on each side of us.鈥

鈥淲ell, then, till the evening I will say goodbye, colonel. I am going to have a chat with Sergeant MacIntosh, and shall then return to Conde's hotel. I suppose I shall be expected to take my midday meal there.鈥有什么好看的历史剧 鈥淚 do, sir.鈥澅β砘嵊槔殖瞧兰廴绾伟。库淒o you stay here, master, I will go round and see if I can find a place. I am more accustomed to these villages than you are.鈥澅β砘嵊槔殖瞧兰廴绾伟。库淚n the second place, are you honest?鈥澅β砘嵊槔殖瞧兰廴绾伟。

宝马会娱乐城评价如何啊?鈥淗ow far is it?鈥澅β砘嵊槔殖瞧兰廴绾伟。縄ndeed, during the winter of 1644-45, as in that preceding it, troubles broke out in many parts of France, and in some the risings of 鈥渢he barefooted ones,鈥 as they were called, became for a time very formidable. The rage of the unhappy peasantry was principally directed, as during the Jacquerie, against the nobles, and any chateaux were sacked and burned, all within killed, and terrible excesses committed.鈥淚ndeed I shall, Paolo, as long as you choose to remain with me. Why, have you not shared with me in the adventures, one of which made me a captain, and the other a colonel and a noble? Of course I shall have other servants, but you will always be my bodyservant and companion.鈥澅β砘嵊槔殖瞧兰廴绾伟。

In a minute a man entered, followed by a boy. The former was a good looking young Savoyard of some four- or five-and-twenty years; the latter was a lad of about the same height as Hector but somewhat older. He had black hair which fell over his forehead down to his eyebrows. His face bore an expression of extreme humility, which, however, was marred by the merry twinkle of his dark eyes.鈥淣ow, gentlemen,鈥 de Penthiere said, 鈥渋t seems to me that it would be a pity to founder fifteen good horses in order to gain an hour on this journey. The queen has already received news of the victory, or at least she will receive it some time today, therefore the details we bring are not of particular importance. It is now eight o'clock. If we were to gallop all the way we might do it in twelve hours. The roads in many places will be bad, and we must stop for meals at least three times; with the utmost speed we could hardly be in Paris in less than fifteen hours. Her majesty will scarce want to read long despatches at that time, and may take it that we ourselves will need a bath and a change of garments, and the services of a barber, before we could show ourselves in court. Had we been bearers of the original despatch, we might have gone in splashed from head to foot. As it is, it seems to me that if we present ourselves with our papers at seven in the morning we shall have done that which is necessary. What do you both say?鈥澅β砘嵊槔殖瞧兰廴绾伟。库淎nd your people, are they suffering as much as these, monsieur?鈥澅β砘嵊槔殖瞧兰廴绾伟。

Turenne ordered his cavalry to retire, and passing through the wood found beyond it three regiments that had just arrived. These with the fifteen hundred horse that had been with him in the battle placed him in a position to make a vigorous defence, but the Bavarians did not venture to attack him. He now sent an officer to rally the scattered infantry, and gave orders that they should at once retreat without a stop to Philippsburg, a distance of seventy miles. He himself with his cavalry started for Hesse, whose landgravine was in alliance with France. With two regiments he covered the retreat, and so enabled the rest of the cavalry as they came up from their distant quarters to cross the Tauber. This was a bold and successful movement, for had he fallen back with his infantry to Philippsburg the enemy would have possessed themselves of all the towns he had captured, whereas they could not now advance without exposing their line of communication to his attack.宝马会娱乐城评价如何啊?鈥淲ell, I should say a cooking pan to begin with, and a few yards of warm stuff for making my mother a skirt.鈥澅β砘嵊槔殖瞧兰廴绾伟。库淗e shall be here, sir,鈥 he said, 鈥渁nd I thank you heartily for engaging him; and I do think that he means this time to behave himself.鈥

鈥淲ell, no doubt you are right, Paolo; and though the night is warm enough the air is damp under this thick covering of leaves, and it will certainly be more cheerful. We will go a short distance among the trees before we light it.鈥最大鲶鱼 He was just going to open the door of the inner room when Hector said, 鈥淵ou can announce me, Macfarlane, as Colonel Campbell.鈥澅β砘嵊槔殖瞧兰廴绾伟。縃ad the defenders here fought with the same courage that they had previously evinced, they would have given time to John de Werth to return, and the fate of the battle would have been doubtful, but they were seized with unreasoning panic, and at once surrendered. The night had long since closed in, and so far as the fighting had gone the battle might be considered a drawn one. The French right and centre were utterly routed, but their left had captured one of the keys of the position and the village behind it. Had John de Werth, when he returned from the pursuit, shown himself an able general, rallied the Imperialists and sent them to recapture the village, and with his victorious cavalry made a circuit of the Weinberg and fallen upon Turenne's rear, the Imperialist success would have been as complete and striking as that which they had won on nearly the same ground over the Swedes; but although an impetuous leader of cavalry, he had no military genius, and on returning after dark, and hearing that the Weinberg was lost and the village captured, he drew off from the field.宝马会娱乐城评价如何啊?鈥淭he viscount said you were wonderfully well read in such matters,鈥 de Lisle said. 鈥淚 own that beyond the campaigns that I have taken part in I have a very vague idea of such things. My time before I joined was taken up with learning the use of arms, equitation, and certain dry studies under an abbe. I wish now that instead of Latin I had learned something of military history; it seems to me that when one is intended for the army it is a good deal more important than Latin or theology.鈥

宝马会娱乐城评价如何啊?鈥淚 will sell them to you willingly enough; but you will come to another village three miles on.鈥滲oth ladies uttered an exclamation of surprise.鈥淣o, I was born in Scotland; but my father, who was a younger son, saw no chance of making his way by his sword at home. It was certain that James would never go to war, and as there was no regular army, there seemed no opening for a penniless cadet in England or Scotland, so he came over here and obtained a commission, and as soon as he did so sent for my mother and myself. She died two years later; he kept me with him. When he went on service I was left in the charge of a Huguenot family, and it was well that it was so, for otherwise I might have grown up unable to read or write. The last time that I saw him was before he rode to La Rochelle. After his death I was adopted by the regiment, for the good people I was with left Paris to join their friends in the south. Had it been otherwise I should have stayed with them. The good man would probably have brought me up to be, like himself, a minister, and I am afraid I should have made a very poor one.鈥

鈥淎y, it is heavy.鈥澅β砘嵊槔殖瞧兰廴绾伟。縃ector nodded.宝马会娱乐城评价如何啊?The landlord took the torch from its place and walked over and looked at Paolo's cheek. 鈥淭here is no mistake about that,鈥 he said. 鈥淚t is indeed a terrible swelling, and the cheek looks almost raw.鈥澅β砘嵊槔殖瞧兰廴绾伟。


Hector's two seconds endeavoured to interpose, but he said: 鈥淕entlemen, I must ask you to let the matter go on. This is no ordinary duel. These gentlemen, with whom I have no personal animosity, have picked a quarrel with me at the request of one higher in rank than themselves, and are simply his agents. I had no hesitation in killing the first of them, but as Monsieur de Vipont wishes an encounter with me in spite of what he has seen I will give him one, but will content myself with a less severe lesson than that I have given Monsieur de Beauvais. Now, sir, I am at your service.鈥漈hey had, however, a much longer start than Hector expected, for early the next morning ten of the cardinal's guards appeared at the hotel. The officer in command of them told the innkeeper that, in consequence of the tumult before his doors, in which, as he heard, some of those lodging there had been concerned, he had orders to post his men round the house, and to allow no one to enter or leave under any pretence whatever until the cardinal himself had examined into the affair. These orders were delivered in a loud voice before the servants of the inn, but the officer privately assured the innkeeper afterwards that he would be well paid for his loss of custom, and that it was probable that the guard would be removed in a day or two. Thus Beaufort's emissaries were not able to obtain news of what was passing within, and did nothing until past noon, when it occurred to them that the cardinal had taken this strange step of closing the inn in order to prevent its being known that Hector and his followers had left Paris.

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Yours sincerely,鈥淚 am sure that neither the duke nor Soissons would, unless won over by the archbishop, have ever consented to such a plan, for both are honourable gentlemen, and Soissons at least is a Frenchman, which can hardly be said of Bouillon, whose ancestors have been independent princes here for centuries. However, I fear that he will rue the day he championed the cause of Soissons. It was no affair of his, and it is carrying hospitality too far to endanger life and kingdom rather than tell two guests that they must seek a refuge elsewhere. All Europe was open to them. As a Guise the archbishop would have been welcome wherever Spain had power. With Spain, Italy, and Austria open to him, why should he thus bring danger and misfortune upon the petty dukedom of Sedan? The same may be said of Soissons; however reluctant Bouillon might be to part with so dear a friend, Soissons himself should have insisted upon going and taking up his abode elsewhere. Could he still have brought a large force into the field, and have thus risked as much as Bouillon, the case would be different, but his estates are confiscated, or, at any rate, he has no longer power to summon his vassals to the field, and he therefore risks nothing in case of defeat, while Bouillon is risking everything.鈥


鈥淵ou have not forgotten the cord, I hope, Paolo?鈥濃淲e had always intended to do this,鈥 the colonel said, 鈥渨hen the time came for your entering the army, for we felt that it would indeed be a discredit to the regiment were you to go into the world without the equipment that a Scottish gentleman should have. Now, Captain Mackenzie and Captain Home, I will ask you to act as furnishers. You know what is required for a young officer on the staff of a general like Viscount Turenne, who would be called upon to accompany him to court, and must do him no discredit; besides which, he must of course have clothes for a campaign. He will not need arms, for I have kept for him his father's sword and pistols. See that the tailors undertake to get his clothes ready quickly, for he is to accompany Turenne to Italy in four or five days. One suit at least must be finished in two days, for on the third he is to wait upon Turenne, who is staying at the hotel of the Duc de Bouillon, and he may possibly be presented to the cardinal.鈥


The cardinal shook his head. 鈥淵ou see, monsieur, that Beaufort is a man who hesitates at nothing. A scrupulous person would hardly endeavour to slay a cardinal, who is also the minister of France, in the streets of Paris in broad daylight. He is capable of burning down the Pome d'Or, and all within it, in order to obtain revenge on you. I feel very uneasy about you. However, sleep may bring counsel, and we will talk it over again in the morning.鈥漈he officer laughed. 鈥淲ell, young sir, I see that you are so well acquainted with the sieges and battles of our time that I cannot argue with you.鈥


鈥淭hank you, marshal; that will make all my lieutenants captains. I lost five of them and three second lieutenants.鈥滺e found that Mieville had already got all the men under arms, and had ranged them between the bivouac fires and the still glowing chateau.