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鈥淥h, I know what you want. Take it, and leave me in peace. I鈥檓 writing a song about peacocks.鈥濃淒id you ever make the spectre speak or squeak, or anything?鈥 asked Angus, with some interest.Father Brown had stared at the suddenly crowded garden, the arrest of the man of blood, the carrying away of the corpse after its examination by the doctor, rather as one watches the break-up of some ugly dream; he was motionless, like a man in a nightmare. He gave his name and address as a witness, but declined their offer of a boat to the shore, and remained alone in the island garden, gazing at the broken rose bush and the whole green theatre of that swift and inexplicable tragedy. The light died along the river; mist rose in the marshy banks; a few belated birds flitted fitfully across.

鈥淏ut,鈥 said Flambeau, as the priest put his cigar in his mouth again and leaned back, staring at the roof, 鈥渟uppose somebody else did use the scissors. Why should somebody else, cutting pieces off his sermon paper, make Quinton commit suicide?鈥170彩票 Is red gold to the Ogilvies.新疆时时彩五星走势图 彩经网鈥淥h, that鈥檚 my godfather, Sir Leopold Fischer. He always comes on Boxing Day.鈥澬陆笔辈饰逍亲呤仆 彩经网Flambeau dug on with a blind energy. But the tempest had shouldered away the choking grey clouds that clung to the hills like smoke and revealed grey fields of faint starlight before he cleared the shape of a rude timber coffin, and somehow tipped it up upon the turf. Craven stepped forward with his axe; a thistle-top touched him, and he flinched. Then he took a firmer stride, and hacked and wrenched with an energy like Flambeau鈥檚 till the lid was torn off, and all that was there lay glimmering in the grey starlight.新疆时时彩五星走势图 彩经网

新疆时时彩五星走势图 彩经网鈥淲ell, that鈥檚 all I can tell you about the new religion,鈥 went on Flambeau carelessly. 鈥淚t claims, of course, that it can cure all physical diseases.鈥澬陆笔辈饰逍亲呤仆 彩经网Then, after a momentary meditation, he plucked the spade from Flambeau, and, saying 鈥淲e must hide it again,鈥 clamped the skull down in the earth. Then he leaned his little body and huge head on the great handle of the spade, that stood up stiffly in the earth, and his eyes were empty and his forehead full of wrinkles. 鈥淚f one could only conceive,鈥 he muttered, 鈥渢he meaning of this last monstrosity.鈥 And leaning on the large spade handle, he buried his brows in his hands, as men do in church.鈥淥h, one鈥檚 little flock, you know!鈥 said Father Brown, arching his eyebrows rather blankly. 鈥淲hen I was a curate in Hartlepool, there were three of them with spiked bracelets. So, as I suspected you from the first, don鈥檛 you see, I made sure that the cross should go safe, anyhow. I鈥檓 afraid I watched you, you know. So at last I saw you change the parcels. Then, don鈥檛 you see, I changed them back again. And then I left the right one behind.鈥澬陆笔辈饰逍亲呤仆 彩经网

鈥淚鈥檓 not such a fool,鈥 he answered; 鈥渢hat鈥檚 my Christian humility.鈥濃淚 hope so,鈥 said the man with the clear voice.新疆时时彩五星走势图 彩经网鈥淲hy, I was going there,鈥 said Brown heavily; 鈥淚 must ask him to confess, and all that.鈥澬陆笔辈饰逍亲呤仆 彩经网

Despite his mystic praise of slumber, Father Brown was up earlier than anyone else except the silent gardener; and was found smoking a big pipe and watching that expert at his speechless labours in the kitchen garden. Towards daybreak the rocking storm had ended in roaring rains, and the day came with a curious freshness. The gardener seemed even to have been conversing, but at sight of the detectives he planted his spade sullenly in a bed and, saying something about his breakfast, shifted along the lines of cabbages and shut himself in the kitchen. 鈥淗e鈥檚 a valuable man, that,鈥 said Father Brown. 鈥淗e does the potatoes amazingly. Still,鈥 he added, with a dispassionate charity, 鈥渉e has his faults; which of us hasn鈥檛? He doesn鈥檛 dig this bank quite regularly. There, for instance,鈥 and he stamped suddenly on one spot. 鈥淚鈥檓 really very doubtful about that potato.鈥澬陆笔辈饰逍亲呤仆 彩经网鈥淭his man,鈥 said Mr. Gilder gravely, 鈥渁ctually says that you were found grasping a knife, insensible, after the murder.鈥澬陆笔辈饰逍亲呤仆 彩经网鈥淣ot a scrap,鈥 cried Blount, quite carried away. 鈥淎 harlequinade鈥檚 the quickest thing we can do, for two reasons. First, one can gag to any degree; and, second, all the objects are household things鈥攖ables and towel-horses and washing baskets, and things like that.鈥

鈥淣o,鈥 he cried, 鈥測ou won鈥檛 give it me, you proud prelate. You won鈥檛 give it me, you little celibate simpleton. Shall I tell you why you won鈥檛 give it me? Because I鈥檝e got it already in my own breast-pocket.鈥升邪全文阅读 Still, the riddle remained; and when O鈥橞rien threw himself on a garden seat beside Dr. Simon, that keenly scientific person at once resumed it. He did not get much talk out of O鈥橞rien, whose thoughts were on pleasanter things.新疆时时彩五星走势图 彩经网Once Flambeau entered her office on some typewriting business, and found she had just flung a pair of spectacles belonging to her sister into the middle of the floor and stamped on them. She was already in the rapids of an ethical tirade about the 鈥渟ickly medical notions鈥 and the morbid admission of weakness implied in such an apparatus. She dared her sister to bring such artificial, unhealthy rubbish into the place again. She asked if she was expected to wear wooden legs or false hair or glass eyes; and as she spoke her eyes sparkled like the terrible crystal.新疆时时彩五星走势图 彩经网鈥淣o, you won鈥檛,鈥 answered the secretary in a voice like an iron gong, 鈥測ou will arrest me for murder.鈥

新疆时时彩五星走势图 彩经网鈥淲ith the what?鈥 asked Flambeau.鈥淵es,鈥 said the doctor. 鈥淲ell?鈥漈he climax of this, as of all else, was the moment when the two front doors at the back of the scene flew open, showing the lovely moonlit garden, but showing more prominently the famous professional guest; the great Florian, dressed up as a policeman. The clown at the piano played the constabulary chorus in the 鈥淧irates of Penzance,鈥 but it was drowned in the deafening applause, for every gesture of the great comic actor was an admirable though restrained version of the carriage and manner of the police. The harlequin leapt upon him and hit him over the helmet; the pianist playing 鈥淲here did you get that hat?鈥 he faced about in admirably simulated astonishment, and then the leaping harlequin hit him again (the pianist suggesting a few bars of 鈥淭hen we had another one鈥). Then the harlequin rushed right into the arms of the policeman and fell on top of him, amid a roar of applause. Then it was that the strange actor gave that celebrated imitation of a dead man, of which the fame still lingers round Putney. It was almost impossible to believe that a living person could appear so limp.

The first time I went in he would talk about nothing but the weird新疆时时彩五星走势图 彩经网The man called Angus emptied his coffee-cup and regarded her with mild and patient eyes. Her own mouth took a slight twist of laughter as she resumed, 鈥淚 suppose you鈥檝e seen on the hoardings all about this 鈥楽mythe鈥檚 Silent Service鈥? Or you must be the only person that hasn鈥檛. Oh, I don鈥檛 know much about it, it鈥檚 some clockwork invention for doing all the housework by machinery. You know the sort of thing: 鈥楶ress a Button鈥擜 Butler who Never Drinks.鈥 鈥楾urn a Handle鈥擳en Housemaids who Never Flirt.鈥 You must have seen the advertisements. Well, whatever these machines are, they are making pots of money; and they are making it all for that little imp whom I knew down in Ludbury. I can鈥檛 help feeling pleased the poor little chap has fallen on his feet; but the plain fact is, I鈥檓 in terror of his turning up any minute and telling me he鈥檚 carved his way in the world鈥攁s he certainly has.鈥澬陆笔辈饰逍亲呤仆 彩经网The hierophant of the sun-god made an effort to climb back on his pedestal. 鈥淚t is not the mere money,鈥 he cried, 鈥渢hough that would equip the cause throughout the world. It is also my beloved one鈥檚 wishes. To Pauline all this was holy. In Pauline鈥檚 eyes鈥斺澬陆笔辈饰逍亲呤仆 彩经网


The pantaloon sprang erect and strode out of the room. An interlude ensued, during which the millionaire stared at the priest, and the priest at his breviary; then the pantaloon returned and said, with staccato gravity, 鈥淭he policeman is still lying on the stage. The curtain has gone up and down six times; he is still lying there.鈥濃淎h!鈥 said the unmoved Brown, 鈥渁nd what did he do?鈥


shape that no one but an operator could have calculated the angle鈥淥ne of 鈥榚m did,鈥 said the heated shopman; 鈥渞olled 鈥榚m all over the street. I鈥檇 鈥榓ve caught the fool but for havin鈥 to pick 鈥榚m up.鈥


Valentin almost broke his bamboo stick with rage.鈥淒id you catch this man?鈥 asked the colonel, frowning.


鈥淟udbury is a sleepy, grassy little hole in the Eastern Counties, and the only kind of people who ever came to the 鈥楻ed Fish鈥 were occasional commercial travellers, and for the rest, the most awful people you can see, only you鈥檝e never seen them. I mean little, loungy men, who had just enough to live on and had nothing to do but lean about in bar-rooms and bet on horses, in bad clothes that were just too good for them. Even these wretched young rotters were not very common at our house; but there were two of them that were a lot too common鈥攃ommon in every sort of way. They both lived on money of their own, and were wearisomely idle and over-dressed. But yet I was a bit sorry for them, because I half believe they slunk into our little empty bar because each of them had a slight deformity; the sort of thing that some yokels laugh at. It wasn鈥檛 exactly a deformity either; it was more an oddity. One of them was a surprisingly small man, something like a dwarf, or at least like a jockey. He was not at all jockeyish to look at, though; he had a round black head and a well-trimmed black beard, bright eyes like a bird鈥檚; he jingled money in his pockets; he jangled a great gold watch chain; and he never turned up except dressed just too much like a gentleman to be one. He was no fool though, though a futile idler; he was curiously clever at all kinds of things that couldn鈥檛 be the slightest use; a sort of impromptu conjuring; making fifteen matches set fire to each other like a regular firework; or cutting a banana or some such thing into a dancing doll. His name was Isidore Smythe; and I can see him still, with his little dark face, just coming up to the counter, making a jumping kangaroo out of five cigars.鈥淚鈥檓 quite serious,鈥 answered the priest. 鈥淚 tell you I knew he had done it, even before I knew what he had done.鈥


鈥淨uite so,鈥 said Angus modestly, 鈥渨hile the people in the shop were having tea. Well, sir, I can assure you I appreciate your common sense in dealing so directly with the matter. We can talk about other things afterwards. The fellow cannot be very far off yet, for I swear there was no paper there when I went last to the window, ten or fifteen minutes ago. On the other hand, he鈥檚 too far off to be chased, as we don鈥檛 even know the direction. If you鈥檒l take my advice, Mr. Smythe, you鈥檒l put this at once in the hands of some energetic inquiry man, private rather than public. I know an extremely clever fellow, who has set up in business five minutes from here in your car. His name鈥檚 Flambeau, and though his youth was a bit stormy, he鈥檚 a strictly honest man now, and his brains are worth money. He lives in Lucknow Mansions, Hampstead.鈥濃淧oor Leonard can get a little peace now,鈥 he added to Father Brown; 鈥渉e鈥檚 locked in all by himself for an hour or two.鈥