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He found Tenney awaiting him at the door, and after he had perfunctorily shaken hands with him, discovered that there was another man inside, seated at the table in the centre of the parlor, under the chandelier. This man was past middle-age, and both his hair and the thick, short beard which covered his chin and throat were nearly white. Horace noted first that his long upper lip was shaven, and this grated upon him afresh as one of the least lovely of provincial American customs. Then he observed that this man had eyes like Tenney鈥檚 in expression, though they were blue instead of gray; and as this resemblance came to him, Tenney spoke:

鈥淥h, mercy, yes!鈥 she exclaimed, with sudden recollection. 鈥淚 had no business to stay so long! Perhaps you can tell me鈥攐r no鈥斺 She vaguely put together in her mind the facts that Tracy and Horace had been partners, and seemed to be so no longer. 鈥淣o, you wouldn鈥檛 know.鈥襄樊百姓网 G3网上娱乐城鈥淲ell, my lad,鈥 he said heartily, shaking his son鈥檚 hand, 鈥淚鈥檓 glad to see you back. I鈥檇 have been at the d茅p?t to meet you, only I had this match on with Blodgett, and the money was up. I hope you didn鈥檛 mind my damning you just now鈥擨 daresay I haven鈥檛 enough influence to have it do you much harm鈥攁nd it was Grigg鈥檚 scheme to rattle my nerve just as I was going to shoot. How are you, anyway? How de do, Tracy? What鈥檒l you both drink? This is rye whiskey here, but they鈥檒l bring out anything else you want.鈥滸3网上娱乐城鈥淚f I get a cutter, will you drive out there with me?鈥 She asked the question with swift directness. She added in explanation, as he stared vacantly at her: 鈥淚 ask that because you said you wanted to see him, that鈥檚 all. I shall go alone if you won鈥檛 come. He鈥檚 got to be back here this evening, or God only knows what鈥檒l happen! I mean what I say!鈥滸3网上娱乐城

G3网上娱乐城He looked quickly at her from under his brows, and then as swiftly turned his glance away. 鈥淵es, I know,鈥 he answered uneasily, tapping with his fingers on the desk.G3网上娱乐城G3网上娱乐城

The unclouded calm of this lethargy grew troubled presently when there fell upon her dulled ear the low tones of a remembered woman鈥檚 voice. Enough of consciousness flickered up to tell her whose it was. She strained her eyes in the gathering shadows to see Kate Minster, and began restlessly to roll her head upon the pillow.鈥淒o you know, I like your Mr. Tracy!鈥 was Kate鈥檚 irrelevant reply. She made it musingly, as if the idea were new to her mind.G3网上娱乐城G3网上娱乐城

鈥淚t must be a turkey-shoot,鈥 said Reuben. 鈥淭his man Rantell has them every year at Thanksgiving and Christmas,鈥 he added, as they came in view of the scene beyond the tavern. 鈥淭here! Have you seen anything in Europe like that?鈥 Let it be stated without delay that there was no trace of patriotic pride in his tone.G3网上娱乐城G3网上娱乐城

美菱冰箱下乡产品 The Judge looked at him again, with the impersonal point-blank stare of a very rich and pre-occupied old man. Evidently this young fellow thought himself a joker.G3网上娱乐城G3网上娱乐城And then there was the Minster business. He knew from other sources that Horace had been intrusted with the papers left to Mr. Clarke鈥檚 executors. The young man had taken them to his father鈥檚 house, and had never mentioned so much as a syllable about them to his partner. No doubt, Horace felt that he ought to have this as his personal business, and upon the precedent Reuben himself had set with the railroad work, this was fair enough. But there was something underhanded in his secrecy about the matter. He should have spoken of it.

G3网上娱乐城The young man did not hesitate for an instant. 鈥淥nly in a limited way,鈥 he replied. 鈥淢r. Tracy and I have combined on certain lines of work where two heads are better than one, but we each keep distinct our own private practice. It is much better.鈥濃淲ell, then, the thing to do is to get at the public mind鈥攖o get the people into the right, way of regarding these things. It is no good effecting temporary reforms in certain limited directions by outbursts of popular feeling; for just as soon as the public indignation cools down, back come the abuses. And so they will do inevitably until the people get up to a calm, high level of intelligence about the management of such affairs as they have in common.鈥

鈥淥h, is he!鈥 she said, her voice high-pitched and vehement. 鈥淚 guess we鈥檒l have something to say about that!鈥滸3网上娱乐城Lucinda鈥檚 reserve yielded to this appeal. 鈥淲ell, dad,鈥 she said, with unwonted graciousness of tone, 鈥淛ess has gone to Tecumseh to bring back鈥攖o bring her little boy. She hasn鈥檛 told me so, but I know it.鈥滸3网上娱乐城G3网上娱乐城


鈥淎re you sorry to see me?鈥 she asked in turn. Her mind could frame nothing but these soft little meaningless queries.


During all this time he had taken no step to probe the business which had formed the topic of that single disagreeable talk with his partner in the preceding March. Miss Minster鈥檚 failure to answer his letter had deeply wounded his pride, and had put it out of the question that he should seem to meddle in her affairs. He had never mentioned the subject again to Horace. The two young men had gone through the summer and autumn under the same office roof, engaged very often upon the same business, but with mutual formality and personal reserve. No controversy had arisen between them, but Reuben was conscious now that they had ceased to be friends, as men understand the term, for a long time.鈥淗ad a chance鈥攚hat do you mean? I鈥檝e never heard a word against him, except that idle story you told here once.鈥




鈥淭here was a long time when I thought that,鈥 she said with a sigh.