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鈥淲ell, let us get back to Ward and begin de novo. And, by the way, that was the first Latin phrase I ever heard. But I like[Pg 73] Ward, because all his fun and all his yarns are as clean as spring water. He doesn鈥檛 insinuate or suggest approval of evil. He doesn鈥檛 ridicule true religion. He never speaks slightingly or grossly of woman. He is a one-hundred-carat man in his motives. I am often accredited with telling disgraceful barroom stories, and sometimes see them in print, but I have no time to contradict them. Perhaps people forget them soon. I hope so. I don鈥檛 know how I came by the name of a storyteller. It is not a fame I would seek. But I have tried to use as many as I could find that were good so as to cheer up people in this hard world.relief是什么意思 JOY IN THE HOUSE OF WARD安徽快3官网开奖As he uttered the last words of that remark he swung his long arms swiftly over his head and struck the table violently[Pg 34] with his fist. At that moment Lincoln鈥檚 boy, 鈥淭ad,鈥 then eleven years old, slipped off a stool in the farther corner of the room, where he had been silently at play, and Lincoln turned anxiously around at the sound of his fall. Seeing that the little boy was unhurt, the President called:安徽快3官网开奖An the Rovir is free.安徽快3官网开奖

安徽快3官网开奖[Pg 70]鈥淲ard told me one day that he took to funny work as a makeshift for a decent living; and that he found it to be an honest way to go about doing good. I would have done that myself if I had not found harder work at the law.安徽快3官网开奖Presently, however, the President鈥檚 personal secretary entered the room, and passing along the line of visitors with a notebook, asked each to state his business with the President. I showed my pass and in a few words explained my errand, even mustering up courage to emphasize the urgency of the case.安徽快3官网开奖


鈥淵ou must excoos Brother Uriah,鈥 sed the female; 鈥渉e鈥檚 subjeck to fits and hain鈥檛 got no command over hisself when he鈥檚 into 鈥檈m.鈥澃不湛3官网开奖安徽快3官网开奖

慈安皇太后 安徽快3官网开奖THE CRISIS安徽快3官网开奖鈥淭he sexes liv strickly apart, I spect?鈥

安徽快3官网开奖Chapter III: Lincoln Reads Artemus Ward AloudBut he kept on larfin till he was black in the face, when he fell over on to the bunk where the hostler sleeps, and in a still small voice sed, 鈥淭wins!鈥 I ashure you gents that the grass didn鈥檛 grow under my feet on my way home, & I was follered by a enthoosiastic throng of my feller sitterzens, who hurrard for Old Ward at the top of their voises. I found the house[Pg 85] chock full of peple. Thare was Mis Square Baxter and her three grown-up darters, lawyer Perkinses wife, Taberthy Ripley, young Eben Parsuns, Deakun Simmuns folks, the Skoolmaster, Doctor Jordin, etsetterry, etsetterry. Mis Ward was in the west room, which jines the kitchen. Mis Square Baxter was mixin suthin in a dipper before the kitchin fire, & a small army of female wimin were rushin wildly round the house with bottles of camfire, peaces of flannil, &c. I never seed such a hubbub in my natral born dase. I cood not stay in the west room only a minit, so strung up was my feelins, so I rusht out and ceased my dubbel barrild gun.

He said farming was, after all, the best occupation on earth. He then told a number of incidents in his own life to illustrate, as he said, 鈥淗ow little I know about farming!鈥 The incidents were droll and full of wise suggestions, which wholly disarmed me until I laughed without reserve.安徽快3官网开奖安徽快3官网开奖安徽快3官网开奖


The two stories long accredited to Ward at which Mr. Lincoln laughed most heartily that day included the anecdote of the gray-haired lover who hoped to win a young wife and who, when asked by a neighbor how he was progressing with his suit, answered, with enthusiasm, 鈥淎ll right.鈥


So quickly and easily had the purpose of my interview been accomplished that for a moment it left me dazed. But Lincoln wanted no thanks. What was done was done, and the incident was closed. The name of my young soldier friend was not mentioned again in the course of what turned out to be a long and wonderful chat about subjects as alien to discipline as music, education, and the cultivation and use of humor. The President had a purpose in detaining me, though at first I did not perceive what this was.


鈥淚 have agreed with many people who think that Ward should be in some trade or writing books. But I don鈥檛 know about it. He has a special kind of mind, and, rightly used, he would make an excellent teacher of mental science. In one way of looking at it his life is wasted. But if he refreshes and cheers other people as he does me, I can鈥檛 see how he could make a better investment of his life. I smile and smile here as one by one the crowd passes me to shake hands, until it is a week before my face gets straight. But it is a duty. I could defeat our whole army to-morrow by looking glum at a reception or by refusing to smile for three consecutive hours.[2] Ward says he carries a bottle of sunshine in 鈥榯he [Pg 71]other pocket,鈥 to treat his friends. I like that idea.


鈥淢r. Ward, sit down. I am glad to see you, Sir.鈥漑Pg 79]Ward was never contented or fully happy. He traveled about from place to place, often leaving without collecting his wages. He was a typesetter and reporter at Tiffin, Ohio, at Toledo, and at Cleveland. When Mr. J. W. Gray of the Cleveland Plain Dealer secured Ward鈥檚 services as a reporter, Ward was twenty-four years old and thought to be hopelessly indolent by his previous employer. He soon became known as 鈥渢hat fool who writes for the Plain Dealer鈥; and his comic situations and surprising arguments were soon the general theme of conversation in the city. He was famous in a month.


[Pg 128]Sitting at this desk now, looking out on the Berkshire Hills and living over in memory that visit to the White House, I see again the tableau of the President looking down into the face of that glorious flower. He hugged the vase closer and repeated tenderly, 鈥淭his is my friend!鈥